Phase, land retreat, photo post processing
In today's image/photo-first era, a large number of product photos need to be processed daily to consumers, such as: clothing, watches, cameras, beauty products, Online Shop, product catalogs, and so on. In this regard, we provide photo retouching and photo retreat services for the above and various industry organizations. Professional services such as portrait background retreat and photo coloring are also available.

Product photography
The company has an independent studio, can provide a variety of basic product photography services such as: wine / liquor, makeup skin care products, fashion, food packaging, etc., especially suitable for the needs of the current online shop.


Photography or post-production project


Product photography

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Basic product retreat

Fashion, make-up skin care, daily products, etc. 

50 sheets / 30 sheets 10 sheets

Photo Retouch

From $150

1. The company provides a total of 3 revision services. If there are more than 3 revisions, the company may charge additional fees.
2. If the client needs copywriting design, photography/picture purchase, film output, proof or overseas shipping. Both require an additional quote.
3. Since the color of the self-printed manuscript is not accurate, it is recommended that the customer first check with the printing company after completing the design. If there is any dissatisfaction with the finished product without the verification of the printing company, the company will not be responsible.
4. The finished product may have a color difference within +/- 5% of the draft, which is impossible to avoid.
5. The design concept and direction are in accordance with the company's and customers' briefings and meetings. If the customer suddenly requests to change the original design direction after the design of the agreement is in progress or after submission, the company will charge an additional fee. 
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