Trademark design, SME design package

It can design brand logos or trademarks for various corporate organizations, suitable for first-time entrepreneurship, online shop (Online Shop), Facebook store, and choice of small and medium-sized enterprises. In addition, customers can integrate a card, envelope, letterhead, leaflet, and Web Banner design services to integrate a complete branding solution.



Our newest customers provide one-stop design and printing services to achieve time-saving and fast quality design. Printing services include digital or traditional color printing, color testing and proofing, as well as UV, iron/silver, polygon die cutting and other processing services. In addition to the usual light/matte paper, the choice of paper can be used to order foreign papers exclusively for customers.


Aim Trademark Template

 Exclusive Design





design With

Font Name


Not Available



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Image trademark


not available


$500 $980

Font Trademark + Card

$880 $1,280

Envelope & Letterery

$880 $1,880

mage trademark + card

$1,300 $1,780

Card + Envelope & Letterery 

$1,300 $2,500 

Font trademark + envelope and letter paper

$1,100 $2,180

Image trademark + envelope and letter paper 

$1,600 $2,680

Font trademark + card + envelope and letter paper 

$1,600 $2,800

Image trademark + card + envelope and letter paper 

$2,100 $3,300

1. The company provides a total of 3 revision services. If there are more than 3 revisions, the company may charge additional fees.
2. If the client needs copywriting design, photography/picture purchase, film output, proof or overseas shipping. Both require an additional quote.
3. Since the color of the printed manuscript cannot be approved, it is recommended that the customer first check the printing company after completing the design. If there is any dissatisfaction with the finished product without the printing company verifying the verification, the company is not responsible.
4. The finished product may have a color difference within +/- 5% of the draft, which is impossible to avoid.
5. The design concept and direction are based on the company's and customers' briefings and meetings. If the customer suddenly requests to change the original design direction after the design of the agreement is in progress or after submission, the company will charge an additional fee.